PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly (Insertion of Large Odd-form Parts)

  • High speed placement of large and odd-form parts
  • Standard support for many different supply types such as radial feeders, axial feeders and trays
  • Cut and cluinch unit available as an option
  • Traceability and supply mistake prevention functions are available

Supports Various Part and Packaging Types

Freely combine a wide range of available units to create the perfect line configuration for your production needs.

SmartFAB can handle assembly of surface mount devices, leaded parts, and large connectors all at the same machine.


PCB Assembly Example

Modular concept to allow quick line setup

The SmartFAB modularizes the parts supply, work transport, and assembly head units required for various types of assembly. Just connect the units you require to the base machine to create the optimal production line for your needs.

Compared to lines created with dedicated machines or many general purpose robots, debug and setup time is greatly reduced.

This really makes a difference when starting up new lines or changing products and allows you to get the maximum out of your investment.

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Unit lineup

Each unit is intelligent and fully independent

Units interact with the machine base continuously as processes are performed

By conforming to the open interface, customers can make and attach their own units


*1 DIP (dual in-line package): Parts with leads on the left and right.

*2 Odd-form parts: Parts other than axial, radial, or DIP parts which are inserted into panels.

*3 Please inquire with your Fuji representative about other parts.

*Contact Fuji or sales agents for specific operating conditions and detailed specifications.

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