Intelligent and Compact Screen Printers

Extremely compact high tech printer optimal for dual lane non-stop production.

Ultra compact design

he width of the main body of the printer is just 650mm for the NXTP-M25 and 750mm for the NXTP-M35, with both machines having a depth 1,420mm. This depth matches that of the NXT IIc series of mounters

reduces costs

Supports dual lane production

The NXTP has a dual lane configuration, with the front lane used for printing and the rear lane used for conveying panels. For single lane production, it is possible to use the front lane only.

By linking two NXTP printers together, you can peform high speed production of the same product, or simultaneous production of different products.

High quality printing

The NXTP achieves a panel to mask alignment accuracy of ±10 µm. The rigid frame design ensures high accuracy printing every time.

The squeegee angle is adjustable to maintain the correct level of solder whatever the printing conditions.

The amount of solder on te mask can be maintained using the optional automatic solder supply function. this means that stable printing can be achieved successfully.



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