NXT-H Hybrid Placing Machine

Hybrid placement of wafers and SMDs

Wafer, tray part, and reel part placement in a single unit. Supports production mainly using feeder parts, or mainly using wafers and trays by exchanging units.


High accuracy placement

High rigidity construction with linear motor movement and high resolution cameras. Combines the optimum placing pressure, high accuracy and high quality using advanced control technology.

A HEPA filter provides a cleanroom class of 1000

With the assumption that this machine is going to be used in cleanrooms, the XY robot is cleanroom capable. By setting a HEPA filter, you can get an even better environment for semiconductors.

Easy Operation

Equipped with a large 15 inch touchscreen panel and graphical interface. United interface controls both machine and MWU12i operation. Covers both wafer map data management and format conversion. *Individual user formats can be supported separately.

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