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Fuji Machine Europe Timeline

Fuji Machine Europe was established 1991
Started with 8 employees
In July 1992 we founded a new office in Mainz-Kastel
1997, additional rooms for refurbishing activities
In 2000 we celebrated our highest record in turnover
In the meantime FME itself founded many own agencies, or found partners to cover our large responsibility area with enlarged quality
2003, with 27 motivated employees we provide a big part of Europe with best SMT
2004 – A new generation of NXT machine is presented
2005 – Subsidiary at Hungary was established, including stock of spare parts and technical support capacity
2005 – Presentation of FUJI AIM
2006 – Expansion of Fuji Machine Europe sales area to Russia and Ukraine
2006 – The Fuji Team increases to 42 employees
2006 – Frost & Sullivan is awarding the price for the most innovative product to Fuji Machine for NXT
2006 – Fuji High Precision Screen Printer GPX is introduced to the market
2007 – in January, we proudly celebrate the installation of the 12.000th NXT module world wide
2008 – Installation of first NXT II machine in Germany, Hungarian branch moved to a bigger office building in Budapest
2009 – 50 years Fuji Japan – 22.500 NXT modules installed world wide
2010 – Partnership Agreed With Innovative SMT Ltd in UK / Ireland

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